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Creajeux • the French school for professions in Video Game

Since 2004 Creajeux has been teaching in the fields of video games, we are the first school in France teaching programing and CG for video games. With about 200 students per year who study actively on the 750m² surface of school divided into different classrooms and workshops, Creajeux is the only private school that has received the seal of the French National Syndicate of video games so far (SNJV label).

The teaching at Creajeux is technical oriented, turning dreams and passion into a profession: our students have joined big companies like Ubisoft, Ankama or Square Enix. The lessons are taught by teachers who have video game development experience, and students projects are all directed by video game professionals like Frédérick Raynal, the Creator of alone in the dark and Little big Adventure .

Creajeux also plans workshops for their students, events focused around video games with professionals ( round tables, game jams, Conventions, … ). Our goal is to train real video game professionals.

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Creajeux is an intelligent response to the current needs of the video game industry. The training is serious, comprehensive and adapted to an art increasingly demanding and constantly changing. Creajeux knows how to surround itself with very competent professional artists to deliver the most comprehensive training in order to prepare the students for this very special professional world and it is really fun…
Bastien Grivet • Creative Director
Wardenlight Studio
As a member of the Jury for the end year project – and having worked at Ubisoft as a Team Leader Character on Assassin’s Creed – I was very impressed by the relevance of the proposed project, quite in line with industry realities. The graduating students definitely have what is required to enter the job market …
Vincent Gault • Art Technical Dvlp Manager
Ex-Ubisoft / Social Point

Professional Requirement

A part of our team, with Frédérick Raynal – the Creator of alone in the dark and Little big Adventure – who leads the students during their projects.
We use 60% ​​of the time in class and 40 % in projects. This allows our students to be quickly operational in the working world. Also a mandatory internship validates their training at a professional level. Teachers come from the field of the video game industry and on many occasions students meet professionals who speak about their profession.
Les CG artists, Cinematics and Programmers work together on video game models, in the same conditions as in a production studio. From the 1st year they are faced with the constraints of the business and the need to work with each other. The projects they develop are regularly judged by a professional jury.

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