Left Behind

2nd year students' project • 2014

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  • Type: Introduction Trailer
  • Production period:: 7 weeks – 35 h/week
  • Version: French & English
  • Script: Frédérick Raynal

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Left Behind is a Cinematic project made by 2nd year students during the 2013/2014 school year (Animator), the script was written by Frédérick Raynal.


The mining resources of Gliese 581C are completely run out, the colonies of miners found themselves leaving their homes. Due to the important number of prisoners in Ingboe777, the “Prison City” of high security can’t be evacuated. The governor took the decision to open the gates and free everyone; Leaving them to their fate, they have now to organize their survival on a planet on the verse of desertification.


Students Credits


  • Quentin Bolt
  • Julien De Zotti
  • Adrien Faure
  • Aurélien Fournier
  • Katia Gueret
  • Rodolphe Lalle
  • Erick Lompre
  • Sarah Maigrot
  • Martin Montaigu

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