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1st year students' project • 2014

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  • Plateform: PC
  • Type: Adventure
  • Multi: Solo only
  • Production period: 7 weeks – 35 h/week
  • Version: French
  • Game designer: Sébastien Vang

How to install and play the game: Download and unzip the file, open the folder and launch the “.exe” file. Have fun and keep in mind this is a student’s video game prototype, so expect some bugs and unfinished contents.

Download the game
Dah Yan is a game created by programmers and CG Artists of the 1st year of the 2013-14 promotion. The scenario was set up by Sebastien Vang, teacher here at Creajeux, in a heroic fantasy universe.


In the North of all the countries there was a rich and powerful kingdom. King Eyonas, hearing that his population grew and became increasingly belligerent, decided to take advantage of spring to take the weak cities on assault to the south. From victory to victory, the great army drawn up by Eyonas conquered and plundered a large area, but winter came, cutting off any possibility of retreat for the army. Despite the advice of his counsellors, Eyonas maintained the attack, calling on his army autonomy throughout the winter. But the multitude of small cities allied the south and surrounded the great army of Eyonas, totally destroying it… The defeat left Eyonas mad with despair. Then a wizard’s named Alkam, offered to him the power to give back its former glory to his country.
The king was fooled by the sorcerer, who used his power to enslave the BORLOM people. It was then that Dahyan, the sole survivor of the defeat of the great army, arrived in the country and discovered what had happened, he decided to chase the evil of his land.


Students Credits


  • Samuel Berthaud
  • Kevin Cerqueira
  • Gabriel Charry
  • Kevin Courtecuisse
  • Virginie Crequit
  • Alexandre Delivet
  • Sauveur Dominguez
  • Benjamin Gatto
  • Jimmy Gaucher
  • Steven Goyat
  • Philippe Jaubert
  • Eddy Lafon
  • Marco Lorenzo
  • Grégory Martin­Teyssier
  • Ferdinand Montmayeur
  • Thomas Pichon
  • Kevin Plessis
  • Scott Rejasse
  • Thibault Sequier
  • Alexis Tarjon
  • Kevin Vivier
CG Artists

  • Jonathan Barata
  • Adrien Caradec
  • Mélody Chapert­Ebitty
  • Malia Chesnau
  • Éric Delattre
  • Enzo Deverne
  • Jade Dupuy De La Grandrive
  • Hadrien Favre
  • Cannelle Fesquet
  • Dylan Gobert
  • Nicole Inganni
  • Marianne Khaznadar
  • Yann Kintz
  • François Montagud
  • Teddy Naudin
  • Fabrice Paturaux
  • Antoine Porras
  • Guilhem Resseguier
  • Prescillia Roman
  • Yann Rougé
  • Emmanuelle Roulph
  • Vivien Smaer
  • Wilson Villa
  • BARATA Jonathan
  • CHESNEAU Malia
  • CHOUVIER Morgane
  • COLLINS Gwendoline

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