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Prep students' project • 2014

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  • Plateform: PC
  • Type: Adventure / Quest / Riddles
  • Multi: Solo only
  • Production period: 7 weeks – 35 h/week
  • Version: French
  • Game designer: Pierre Geissler and Fabrice Levacher

How to install and play the game: Download and unzip the file, open the folder and launch the “.exe” file. Have fun and keep in mind this is a student’s video game prototype, so expect some bugs and unfinished contents.

Download the game
Access Memory is a project by Video game Prep 2013-14. This is a 2D game designed by Pierre Geissler and Fabrice Levacher, both teachers here at Creajeux.


An avatar lost in limbo “without white mark” must find the game for which he was designed. Unfortunately, the developers abandoned the project to work on other games, and at the same time, stripped his universe of essential lines of code necessary to its virtual existence and integrating them to new projects. Our hero the player will play, will have to find a way out of the maze in which it is immersed, collecting clues allowing him to trace the usurped scripts, and browse the games in which their lines of code have been integrated.
The game ends when the player regained all the lines of code allowing our avatar to finally have the universe which was created for him. he can count on the help of the network ghosts (imperfect and unfinished characters), which will show him the way, will advance in the game, and thus achieve the goal of this quest.

A map of the game
Access Memory - The team
Chara-Design research

Students Credits

  • ABELLON Mathieu
  • ARANA Benoît
  • BALAYE Vincent
  • BALMES Loïc
  • BOUFFETY Jérôme
  • BRIANT Jules
  • CAVAILLAC Jacques
  • CHARLET Maxime
  • DANTAS Rémi
  • DE COMBARIEU François
  • GARNERET Jimmy
  • HAG Charles
  • HAMEAU Fabien
  • LEGENDRE Guillaume
  • LE POITVIN Pierre
  • LIMACHER Christophe
  • MILITERNO Sébastien
  • ROBERT Allan
  • VAUDOIS Jérôme
  • BLEUX Vincent
  • BROCHU François
  • COMBARMOND William
  • DE BRAUWER Thomas
  • DESHAYES Jonathan
  • FAUX Siegfried
  • FLAGEUL Rémi
  • GALAS Florian
  • GIL Charlelie
  • GIORICO Maxime
  • HUCHER Benoît
  • HUET Alexandre
  • JAN Yoannick
  • LE RAY Benjamin
  • MALAVIE Mickaël
  • MARCOT Mathieu
  • RODDIER Wilfried
  • SANTOS Igor
  • VERMERSCH François

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