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Training Video Game Programmer

Duration: 3 years
Admission requirements: Bachelor degree (or Prep) / Fluent in French / Tests + Interview
Start date: End of september
Job openings: Prog GamePlay, Prog Tools, Prog Engine…

The programmer analyses, codes, creates events and interactions that make up the game. He incorporates the graphic elements created by the rest of the team and makes them interact with the player.

Our goal is to train versatile programmers, able to be immediately operational on current and future technologies. Armed with strong scientific bases, our programmers acquire the skills needed by practising on real projects. At Creajeux, the programmer is a rigorous, creative, autonomous and versatile technician.
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Training Details

1st Year
French BAC level (S ou STI2D) (test + interview)
  • Upgrade mathematics (geometry for the video game)
  • Procedural programming in C
  • Programming method applied to mathematics
  • Working with graphic libraries
  • Game engine design background
  • Game design basis
  • Introduction to C ++
  • Basic game production methods
  • English and Communication
  • Commun project with 1st year CG Artist students
2nd Year
You can apply if you are graduated with a BTS or IT DUT (BAC+2) (test + interview)
  • Extensive Mathematics (Newtonian physics)
  • Object-oriented programming in C ++ and C #
  • 3D graphic programming
  • Programming physics engine
  • Integration of assets with a 3D game editor (script, audio, 3D model…)
  • Programming an animation module
  • Cross-platform development (web, mobile, console)
  • Methodology
  • English and Communication
  • Commun project with 2nd year CG Artists students
3rd Year
You must have validated the 2nd year
  • Advanced Mathematics
  • AI behavior design
  • Integration of AI in a video game
  • Network Programming
  • Programming and distributed computing
  • Design and multitasking programming
  • Code optimization
  • Advanced programming (C ++ 11, lexical analysis…)
  • English and Communication
  • Commun project with 3rd year CG Artist students
  • End of 3rd year Internship

Every day our trainings make the difference in these studios where our students work

Ubisoft Atari Ankama Gameloft Square Enix Mega Bloks


1st year 4.500 €
2nd year 5.700 €
3rd year 5.900 €

What they say about our school

I am extremely happy with this training. Arrived just after getting my bachelor degree, without having programmed before, the training at Creajeux allowed me to learn everything I needed for my job. Being able to find a job easily and knowing that my superiors were proud of me from the beginning make me say that there is nothing to change in the cursus.
Ibanez Marius (Alumni) • Game engine Programmer
Ubisoft Reflections
The training at Creajeux is very serious, and the basics of the profession are taught by very interesting and competent teachers. This training was really useful, and those years spent in Creajeux were the best years of my life, either on a personal or educational level. This school deserves its excellent reputation. I would redo this choice without hesitating .
Morgan Antoni (Alumni) • Online Programmer
Ivory Tower

Admission for the Video Game Programmer training

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