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Game Production Training

Duration : 1 Year
Admission Requirement :  Did a CG Artist / Programmer / equivalent cursus ( contact School )
Start Date : end of Septembre
Jobs Openings : Game designer, Level designer, Interaction Designer, Game Content Manager, Creative Director, Project Manager, Producer, Pre production programmer specialist, …

A year to gain some skills in the video game production. This new training propose to gain both experience in the design and production field to a high level to obtain access into precise job. Trough this training, the goal will be to analyse and think about the different key step about the making of video game.

This one year’s training is focused on the people who already have skills into video games field and also some knowledge of the production.
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Register in december for the 2019 admission tests. Find out more about the admissions. .

Contenu de la formation

  • Marketing / Communication
  • Marketing Studie / Gaming field
  • Promotion / communication
  • Business
  • Economy / Budget management
  • Economic mod and system
  • Project Management
  • Process / team / soft
  • Design & Prototype
  • Conception / strategy / funds
  • Economic mod of the game
  • Artistic directive / Lead
  • Technology and field
  • Gameplay / target / context
  • Playtest / methodology
  • Soft Launch / communauty
  • Cognitif
  • Experience / User Interface
  • Competition
  • Study / rank
  • Production
  • Maintenance / upgrade
  • Analytics
  • Analysis / optimisations

Every day our trainings make the difference in these studios where our students work

Ubisoft Atari Ankama Gameloft Square Enix Mega Bloks


l’année 6.800 €

Register to the game production training

Register in december for the 2019 admission tests.
Find out more about the admissions. .

Download the admission document

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