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Training Video Game & Cinematic Animator

Duration: 3 years
Admission requirements: Bachelor degree (or Prep) / Fluent in French / Tests + Interview + Personal work
Start date: End of september
Job openings: Concept Artist 2D or 3D, Matte Painter, 3D animator, …

The Cinematic designer / animator makes the videos included in the game, called cinematic. He draws, models, directs and animates. It’s his role to carry out all the graphics and animations to be used in the cinematics of the game.

Cinematic section provides teaching the technics of making video game cinematic. The goal is to achieve the video sequences of the game by using multiple digital and traditional techniques. The course gives a solid foundation for analysis, scriptwriting and thematics needed for professional-quality achievements.
By Florent Llamas • 3rd year student animator • 2014
By Aurélien Fournier • 3rd year student animator • 2015
By Aurélien Fournier • 3rd year student animator • 2015
CG Artist VS Animator: the CG Artist realises the animations that will be used within the game, in real time performance – eg character animation, while the Animator (cinematic) realises the cinematics and videos that will end up around the game in a pre-calculated video format – eg the introductory cinematic trailer. (Go to CG Artist training)

Training Details

1th Year
The first year is a kind of approach and awareness of video game graphic professions, common to Graphic designers and cinematic Animator section. The speciality choice is made at the start of the second year.
  • Control of illustrative drawing, coloring, sketching , composition , environment and props design
  • Introduction to sculpting in clay, for the apprehension of volumes in premise of working with 3D softwares
  • Discovery of character design, study of posing and 2D animation
  • Optimization textures and coloring in digital format (bitmap and vector)
  • Introduction to character modeling techniques and 3D environments , texturing , with different softwares
  • English and Communication
  • Common projects with 1th year programmers
2nd & 3rd Year
  • Storyboard and script
  • Traditional animation (anticipation / reaction ,cycle ,notion of rhythm , stretch and squash…)
  • 3D modeling of environmental and organic characters (biped, quadruped…)
  • Movie analysis
  • Hi-res textures, matte painting, visual communication
  • Sound Design
  • Video editing, special effects and particles
  • Digital Sculpture (anatomy and environment)
  • Rendering (pass and final compositing)
  • 3D animation for pre-calculated
  • English and Communication
  • Creation of a cinematic project in 3rd year
  • End of 3rd year internship

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Ubisoft Atari Ankama Gameloft Square Enix Mega Bloks


Optional drawing level up 700 €
1st year 6.050 €
2nd year 6.400 €
3rd year 5.200 €

What they say about our school

Creajeux is an intelligent response to the current needs of the video game industry. The training is serious, comprehensive and adapted to an art increasingly demanding and constantly changing. Creajeux knows how to surround itself with very competent professional artists to deliver the most comprehensive training in order to prepare the students for this very special professional world and it is really fun…
Bastien Grivet • Creative Director
Wardenlight Studio
The training gave me everything I needed to succeed, a solid foundation in drawing, an understanding of the constraints of video games, projects carried out in the same conditions as professioanl studios, a solid foundation in anatomy. Coaching and teaching were up to my expectations. Coming to Creajeux was probably one of the best choices of my life. So I left perfectly equipped as a graphic designer and I had no trouble getting my spot in the video game industry.
Viviane Herzog (Alumni) • Lead Artist
Behaviour Interactive

Admission for the Video Game Animator Cinematic training

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