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Training 3D Introduction

Duration: 70h in 10 days
Admission requirements: Bachelor degree / Fluent in French / Interview
(French only) Possibilité financement par les opca et pour les demandeurs d’emploi

The purpose of this short course is to introduce the principles of 3D modeling, and how to apply a texture. Being able to model in order to simplify future steps of work: texture, animation, rendering. Texturing a model to bring it to life is an essential step in the work of a 3D artist. The training is divided into two modules, a modeling part for 7 days, and the other one is texturing for the last 3 days.
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Training Details

Modelisation Module 49h / 7 days
  • Software 3DS Max
  • Introduction to 3D
  • User Interface
  • Creating and editing props
  • Creation and use of primitives
  • Modeling using splines
  • Modeling using box modeling
  • Simple Render
Texture Module 21h / 3 days
  • Software Photoshop
  • Using mat editor
  • Creating and configuring materials
  • Creating unwraps
  • Using Unwrap
  • Using tiled textures

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70h in 10 days 1.850 €
(French only) Possibilité financement par les opca et pour les demandeurs d’emploi

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