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Video game profession Trainings

Creajeux is a training school for careers in video game industry based on a unique concept: gathering together the various businesses of video game in one place and working on common projects in the same conditions as in professional studios. We train real video game professionals and our courses are recognized. Since 2004, the school has been giving training for programmers, Graphic designers and animators who work together on many projects over a period of 3 years.

We have a 1-year prep section for careers in video game for students who do not have the required level to enter the main courses, or wishing to explore different careers to choose their course.

Creajeux has also sections dedicated to Video game tester, an introduction to 3D, and soon a course in robotics connected to gaming fields.
Even Chewbacca studies at Creajeux!

Our courses have the French National Syndicate of Video Games Label  

Our Video Game profession Trainings

The Video Game graphic designer (CG Artist) designs the sets and characters. He draws, models, textures and animates. His role is to carry out all the graphics and animations that will be used in the game.

3 years

Video game CG Artist Training

The Cinematic designer / animator makes the videos included in the game, called cinematic. He draws, models, directs and animates. It’s his role to carry out all the graphics and animations to be used in the cinematics of the game.

3 years

Video Game Cinematic Animator Training

The programmer analyses, codes, creates events and interactions that make up the game. He incorporates the graphic elements created by the rest of the team and makes them interact with the player.

3 years

Video Game Programmer Training

This 1 year training is an overview of every main profession in video game. It is recommended for people who do not necessarily have a bachelor degree to obtain the skills needed to integrate long cycles like programmer, graphic designer or cinematic animator.

1 year

Video Game Prep Training

A year to gain some skills in the video game production. This new training propose to gain both experience in the design and production field to a high level to obtain access into precise job. Trough this training, the goal will be to analyse and think about the different key step about the making of video game.

1 year

Game production

Other Trainings

New in 2015 : ‘Concept Art & Matte Painting’ is a 2 week training conducted by Bastien Grivet. This training aims people with a mid-level in Photoshop, who wants to learn and to master the Concept Art and Matte Painting for video games.

Durée : 2 semaines

Formation Concept Art

The tester is responsible for analysing the different versions of the game, in order to flush out the bugs. The student will learn the different testing techniques and the drafting of reports as part of a quality process.

6 weeks

Video Game Tester Training

The purpose of this short course is to introduce the principles of 3D modeling, and how to apply a texture. Being able to model in order to simplify future steps of work: texture, animation, rendering.

2 weeks

3D Introduction Training

This training is in preparation. You can sign in to receive news as soon have we have some via the training page.

This training is in preparation and will be available soon

Find out more about the Robotic Training CreaRoboot

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Jobs in Video Game?

You can consult the French National Syndicate of Video Games guide about Jobs in the video game industry. (French content)

Video Game Jobs

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